Sunday, March 30, 2014

SSR: House Passes Energy Efficiency Bill for Commercial Buildings

This week i'll be responding to the article,House Passes Energy Efficiency Bill for Commercial Buildings.
"The House passed legislation March 4 that aims to boost the energy efficiency of commercial buildings leased to tenants on a strong 375-36 vote." I'm glad the house voted to pass this bill. This bill is just another improvement towards becoming energy efficient. I don't understand why some people are opposed to this, it's going to help improve health, improve the environment, and save people money in the long run. 
By using green technology, you stop using fossil fuels. By stopping the use of fossil fuels, you don't emit any chemicals which can lead to several health problems. Fossil fuels aren't just bad for us, they are bad for the environment. They release green house gases into the atmosphere which causes the global temperature to rise. When the temperature rises, it leads to many global problems such as sea level rise, destruction of coral reefs, droughts, and hurricanes. In the long run it also saves you money. You will stop relying on the electricity company to supply you for electricity. You will get the energy from the environment which is free and after some years pass by, you end up saving money.
I agree with Upton, who said, “I hope a strong vote this afternoon would send a pretty good message to the Senate that they can embrace these bills,” on the House floor. I also like the Vermont democrat stated that, "Energy efficiency is an approach that really makes sense and we can and should do it,”.


  1. I'm good with anything that saves me money i glad they passed the bill.