Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

Dear Blog Viewer:
Throughout this school year, I’ve been writing in this blog for my English class. Around In this blog, I posted and blogged on a variety of different issues with energy efficiency. I wrote posts in different styles in order to attract people that like to read certain types of writing styles. After writing week after week, I believe I have improved my reading and writing abilities.
When I started writing my blog, I was just making posts with little, if any, detail. “Why Energy Efficiency” was my first post on the blog because it serves as an informative post for the viewer. I would like the viewer to see why I chose energy efficiency as my topic. I don’t want them to believe that I was assigned this topic. I want them to know that I chose this blog because I believe Energy Efficiency is important. I would also like them to understand the meaning of energy efficiency.
Next, I started to write about ways the viewers could benefit from becoming energy efficient.In “3 Great Reasons for Becoming Energy Efficient”, I tried to persuade the viewer into becoming energy efficient. I showed three reasons why they should become energy efficient. I started using more details in my writing when I made this post. The 3 reasons I gave are that you spend less money, you improve the economy, and you create less pollution.
I started doing some research for my posts later on. I had to research a current event on energy efficiency and wrote “Incandescent Light Bulbs are now Illegal in the USA”. In this post I had to research and analyze an article I found interesting on the internet. Unlike the previous posts, I wrote more and gave facts that I read in the article. “LED Light Bulbs” is another post that shows improvement in my writing. I gave details and facts here as well as pictures to help prove some things.
Economics” is the one of the last post’s I made on my blog. I believe this post may be the best one if not the best posts I wrote. In this post we had to tie our topic to another topic. So i decided to show the connection between energy efficiency and the economy. I also used a good amount of details, examples, facts, I had to do some research, and I used quotes. This is way more complex than my first post.
I’ve come to a conclusion that creating this blog has made me a stronger reader and writer.
Cristian Garcia

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