Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Incandescent Light Bulbs are now Illegal in the USA

According to USA TODAY, incandescent light bulbs are now no longer manufactured or imported in the USA as of January 1, 2014 to support the use of CLF and LED light bulbs. I'm glad the government has taken action and banned incandescent light bulbs from the USA. You might not think this is a big change but it really is. Approximately 17% of the USA energy is used for lighting. If every light bulb is replaced with CFL and LED light bulbs, we would cut our energy consumption by as much as 13%. That's the energy we lose just as heat because of the design of the incandescent light bulb.
People believe that incandescent light bulbs shouldn't be banned because they like the "warm light" it gives off but there's a solution to that, there are CFL light bulbs that give off the exact same light color as incandescent bulbs.
Another reason people complain about the CFL light bulbs is due to their shape. They think the shape is ugly unlike the incandescent light bulbs but I think that's a foolish reason. I believe it's foolish because you can't really tell the shape of a light bulb when its being used unless you stare at the light bulb, which isn't good for your eyes.
Finally, people buy them because they are cheaper when purchased at the store. These people don't look at the long term cost of the bulbs though. CFL light bulbs last about 5 times longer and use about 1/4 the energy. LED light bulbs last about 10 times linger and use 1/5 the amount of energy.
This is why I'm glad to find out that the incandescent light bulbs have been banned here in the USA now!

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